So Travis has already told you about the hunt. What an experience, in the blink of an eye it went from blue skies to this fog cloud that turned out to be a blizzard. Here are some pictures I took.

This is our camp, I have a tent that goes into the bed of my truck so I was staying out in the open. The rest of the boys tucked their tent in the middle of these pines for protection.

Its never to late for the 1st snowman of the year. Garrett built this little guy to guard our camp.

Dad is hiding in the tree. We made fun of him but really we were jealous, it was a nice spot to be in.

Here is Travis about 1 minute into the storm. Already covered in snow.

As my dad always says “It doesn’t get any better than this”

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  1. I still can hardly fathom that weather so early! Hope you get some action soon – I’m heading out tomorrow to follow my brother on an elk hunt.

  2. Hey, by the way – sweet design. I love the new look!

  3. Thanks Tom, it was about time we updated the design and made it easier on our visitors.

    Good luck on the Elk hunt! Elk hunting is so exciting when they are active, unfortunately the season is a little early for us. We have heard reports that they are beginning to move and get their herds together, so hopefully we can get something in the next 2 weeks!

  4. Looks fun guys. It can be great hunting early elk in the snow… as long as your prepared. Good luck on the rest of the season and by the way, I like the new design. Much cleaner. Nice.

  5. I love the new look of the site as well.

    Looks like one heck of a time. And one I’m sure you all will never forget.

  6. I like the new look too. I have to say, it looks like you were kind of cold on that hunt. The snowman is a nice touch though.

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