This morning I read an interesting article that discussed the growing interest in hunting by women. You can read the article by clicking here. I am glad to see more women out hunting and doing what has historically been viewed as a man’s activity.

The strangest and most out of the blue thing happened to me about a month ago. My wife told me that she would like to go Pheasant Hunting with me to see our Hunting Dog in action. I wrote about the first time my wife and I hung out here, so you can see how far she has come along by simply making this request.

Well, the hunt is finally here. We are heading out early Saturday morning and will be out hunting for most of the day. I believe my wife is still planning on coming with me and I need some tips on what I can do to help her enjoy her first time out in the field.

What can I do to make it so she wants to keep coming back?

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