There is nothing like the sound of a Bull Elk bugling out in the woods! The hair on the back of my neck raises and the adrenaline starts to flow as I hear the bugles and the Bull Elk comes closer and closer. I have been fortunate enough to witness this several times and I have seen some impressive Elk come in to our bugling. We have a decent size hunting party and it is amazing when you are out in the woods and you hear a certain bugle. I can always tell when certain people in my hunting party bugle because they have a distinct sound. Elk are the same way and it is awesome to hear all of the different sounds Elk can make with their bugles. One of our favorite things is to go out in the woods and try to bugle in Elk, even if we are not hunting. If you have never called in such an incredible animal you are missing out on one of the greatest experiences in the world. There is nothing like seeing a huge Bull Elk come in to your bugle ready to fight another Bull for their cows. Here is a cool video I found that shows a huge Bull Elk coming in to bugling and you can see what an Elk looks like as he searches for the Elk he is ready to confront. This video is from PSE and it shows the entire process of hunting a monster Bulll Elk.

Have you ever bugled in an Elk? We would love to hear your story, please share your Elk bugling experiences with us in our comment section.

Click here to get a bugle so you can experience the amazing feeling of calling in a huge Bull Elk. You don’t have to be a hunter to experience this, get your call today and go enjoy Elk in their natural environment!

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  1. Great post – I couldn’t agree with you more. To me, there is just nothing in the world quite like bugling in a bull elk as he comes in grunting, bugling, peeing on himself looking for a fight. The heart rate becomes one – too fast to distinguish actual beats! I love it It doesn’t hurt that elk live in such awesome country, either!

  2. Tom, I agree one of my favorite things of Elk hunting is the areas you get to explore. It is awesome country and it is so rewarding when you step into an area and you can smell the elk and you know you are on to them. There is a certain feel in the forest when an elk is coming through. Everything goes calm and you can feel the intensity of the Bull.

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