Here are some photos of a real nice bull Mike, the owner of Timber Hawk Packs took this year in a limited entry area here in Utah. He took this bull in an area we like to call the Hilton.

He has named this bull Tripod. If you look at the right side the 4th and 5th make a nice looking Tripod.

This bull rough scored 335. The mass and main beams on this thing is incredible. If it wasn’t missing it’s 3rd on the left side this would be a 350+ class bull. Look at the green still in the antlers.

Here is the tough part. Its a 4 mile hike into the Hilton and another 4 miles out. Good thing it’s mostly down hill.

Look at that mass on the Tripod. What a fantastic bull.

Congratulations to Mike and his successful hunt. What a fantastic bull to have hanging on your wall.

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  1. Dang. I hope that wall is huge too. I know that thing wouldn’t fit on any of my walls.

  2. “Downhill” coming out I hope! Great bull and I’ll bet he walked on air the whole four miles.

  3. Like Chip, I’ll bet he hardly noticed the load on his back! Well, sorta. Maybe a little. Alright, so it is still hauling an elk four miles any way you look at it, but man, that’s a good weight to haul!! Sure beats an empty daypack!

  4. bowhunter says:

    That is a really nice looking bull. I have never hunted elk but have hunted moose. There’s nothing better than close to such a huge animal.

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