OK now that I got your attention I thought I would share something I came across on the Internet. I found this article listing all of the reasons why Killing Animals is wrong.

“Why? To you and me this may seem obvious, but it isn’t to others. In short (a) the animal is deprived of all the pleasures it would have enjoyed in the future: food, play, sunshine, sex etc, and (b) the animal undergoes mental and physical suffering when hunted. Hunters will sometimes try and deny this, but Zoologists agree that other animals feel pain. Don’t forget about mental suffering either.”

This comes from a web site that?is trying?to educate naive idiot’s out there why we are an evil group of people, that should suffer capital crimes. There are a ton of companies and organizations trying to preach this to the rest of the world. This has been happening for decades and nothing is too new about that. Here is what upsets me the most is their voices are being heard. Companies like PETA are getting too much publicity and air time. Its time that we Addicts start to stand up and Spread the word that killing is as natural as leg hair. Kill or be killed is what I say. When did we loose touch with the fact that animals were provided for our use? If we were to stop hunting these animals we would be over ran by there population.

Yes, every hunter should join the NRA and help there fight for gun rights but we should also do whatever we can to fight back. Here is an idea share you Kills with us on our forum and we will broadcast them to the world. Send me the photos of these mentally anguished animals on the ground and I will put them on a video and broadcast them on YouTube.

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  1. I would have to agree that we need to speak our minds and make sure that the public is educated about the benefits of hunting. The thing that bothers me is that we seem to have to “walk on egg shells” when we discuss hunting. The anti-hunting organizations however, seem to be able to say whatever the feel like and they get away with it. I for one am tiered of hunters feeling like they have something to apologize for. We should be proud of our hunting heritage and stand up for our way of life. I don’t think that we need to rub it in everyone’s face but, there is never a need to apologize for it and we should all stand up for it as well……..

    1. Depriving me of the “food, play, sunshine” etc. is also wrong. Especially that tasty backstrap! & believe me, no animal is going to undergo mental or physical suffering when I mow them down with my muzzleloader. One shot. One kill. One tasty buck.

  2. I don’t think we need to apologize for hunting, and I definitely do not walk on eggshells when I talk about my passion for the outdoors. But I do think we need to use some tact, and consider our audience. Everyone is different, and we need to talk to them appropriately when it comes to hunting. If we approach the people who are on the fence with tact and respect they are much more likely to listen to what we have to say.

    As for the particular group of people you elude to in the post; they are so far gone that we will never convince them that what we do is right. It’s the one’s on the fence that we need to get to. And we have to judge each person accordingly in order to figure out how to get our message across.

  3. I don’t believe in wantonly killing, I do however believe in eating meat, and to me fresh killed is the best.
    What those idiots (petahpiles) dont realize is that habitats have shrank, natural predators have moved away, and without those, the very animals they would “protect” would die of disease or starvation.
    Hunting helps to thin the herds and let the other flourish.
    But yes we do need to stand up, and let our voices be heard, the sad thing is that I write my congressmen any time there is an issue trying to take away any of our rights, but very few others are willing to do that.
    We have to get people nationwide to stand up, use every means possible to get our elected public servants to understand that our rights will not be taken away without a fight, and that for every peta member out there, there are two dozen people that disagree with them.
    Besides that if God hadn’t of meant for us to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them so tasty.

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