When I was a young hunter I would try my hardest to keep up with my Dad and Brother’s while still being quite. When we hunt we like to get into the deep woods and go places that are very difficult to hike to. For a young kid it can be difficult to get over the logs, rocks and everything else you find in the deep forests. Many times I would slip and fall down, everyone would look back at me wondering why I was making such a ruckus and I would tell them “Just Resting”. This has become a joke in our family and anytime anyone falls, or slips we say “Just Resting” and everyone busts up laughing.

There was one time when I was around 7 that I learned a very valuable lesson out camping. I learned that day that when you are deciding where to go to the bathroom in the woods it is best to stay away from hills. As a result of my poor decision my family saw me tumbling down the hill with my pants around my ankles. You could say I was “just resting” as I tumbled down the hill.

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