Our dad would always take us boys up hunting at a very young age. I don’t even remember my first hunt because I was so young. When he would go on week long backpacking elk hunts I would always try to sneak in the truck so I could go with him. I love hunting and this love for hunting came at a very young age. We would shoot our bows in our backyard almost every night in the summer leading up to the hunt and here is a picture of me shooting my junior bow in my Star Wars underwear. To this day we still go up to my Dad’s to get ready for the hunt. I love shooting out there and hanging out with my hunting buddies.


Here is my dad teaching me how to shoot my first bow in our backyard. He had so much patience to teach three boys how to shoot in his backyard with arrows flinging all over.

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  1. I think our neighbors had more patience as the target was againts the fence and we often shot arrows through the fence into their yard….ooops.

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