I can’t imagine the time I would save during the week if I had antlers.? It’s like a hands free set-up for guys.? I am just fortunate enough to have a wife that understands Tolerates my male habits.

My question is….If you are in position to take this shot do you wait till he?is done scratching or do you seize the opportunity while he is obviously distracted???

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  1. Ha!! Man, how funny is that?! I like how you cross out understand and put in tolerates – I think that is the way my wife is! And, oh by the way – I’m probably gonna wait till he’s done scratching, I’d hate to have his antlers move up and deflect my arrow while he’s scratching.

  2. HaHa…very good point Tom. You wouldn’t want to risk arrow diflection or possible antler damage.

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