My 2 year old daughter, Lexi, is so excited for Halloween this year. She didn’t really understand Halloween last year, although she enjoyed dressing up. This year she gets it and she is running with it full force. She planned out what she wanted to be months ago, and she is very excited to dress up and go Trick-or-Treating this year. It has made what is normally a rather boring holiday for me, one of the highlights of the year.

It wasn’t enough for her to just pick out what she was going to be for Halloween, she went ahead and picked out everyone else’s costumes as well. I am proud to announce that in my daughters eyes I am a mighty and successful Hunter. She has decided that I am going to be Gaston for Halloween. That is right, this Halloween I will be dressed up as Gaston from the movie Beauty and the Beast. I don’t normally dress up for Halloween, but this year I can wear what I have been wearing for the last couple months while out Hunting and my daughter will be happy. I am just glad that in my daughters eyes I am a mighty hunter, despite the lack of success recently.

My sweet Lexi is dressing up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is my little princess, so this is the perfect costume for her. She has decided that my son Hunter will be The Beast. She is very thoughtful, and in a weird kind of way this shows that she really does like her little brother.? My wife is still scrambling trying to figure out her costume. If she is not dressed up as Mrs. Potts on Saturday we will have a very discouraged little girl on our hands. Better hurry up babe and figure out that costume. I will make sure my Camoflauge is ready.

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  1. My daughter just turned one, so she has no clue about Halloween yet – which makes it easier to get our hunting that night rather than trick or treating. I have a feeling, though, that come next year I will trick or treating right along with her in whatever outfit she decides she wants to wear……along with whatever outfit she wants me to wear.

    You’ve gotta love little kids. They make adults look at things much differently…..and it’s awesome.

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