So I got an e-mail claiming the photo’s were of Big Horn Sheep and taken over in WY, it came from my grandpa’s cousin who lives in WY so I didn’t look into it, thanks to a reader we found the correct story. ?These are Ibex Goats and are in Italy. ?They are crossing a dam and eating something from the cracks as they do. ?I’ve also added some video’s of it. ?I’ve always heard Big Horn Sheep are tough to hunt, that they can climb into insane spots and stay high on rocky areas, I have to say the Ibex Goat looks to be a tough hunt too.

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  1. E. Erlandson says:

    Upon further investigation I have located what appears to be the correct location for the pictures in question.
    The dam is in Italy and the animals are Ibex.
    Check out the videos in the link below. They are quite impressive.

    E. Erlandson
    Lander, Wyoming

  2. I agree, I looked into the Buffalo Bill Dam and it doesn’t look like this dam. I don’t know where these photo’s were taken but it doesn’t appear to be photo shopped to me, any experts out there? The location was wrong so maybe the photo’s are fake too but it doesn’t appear to be to me..?

    1. E. Erlandson says:

      Please see my second comment.


      E. Erlandson

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