Hunting is all about the stories. These stories can create memories that last forever. A few years back I went rifle hunting with my Father for Elk. We woke up one morning and it was a cold one. We got out of our tent and started out in the woods. We had only gone 50 yards when we spooked a herd of Elk. The chase began. We ended up on top of this bowl. We decided to set up and cow call for awhile and see what happened. My dad stayed up on top while I moved further down the bowl about 100 yards to the right of him. I found the perfect tree to sit on with great views. I was on a steep hill but had great shooting lanes at the bottom of the bowl. I sat my rifle down next to me and started to cow call. At this point I should also mention that I had a .40 handgun on my side as well. My father was up cow calling as well. As I was sitting there all of a sudden I saw these massive antlers moving 7 feet in front of me. I happened in a split second I had a 6×6 Bull 7 feet in front of me. The fever kicked in as I slowly reached for my rifle. I was able to get my rifle and got in the ready position. I slowly lifted the gun to my shoulder and lined up the shot. The excitement of this definite wall hang was running through my mind. Then click….. Nothing my gun didn’t fire. What was wrong. The Elk still standing there. I checked the safety and it was off. Pulled the trigger and nothing. I brought the gun down to ready again and noticed that the bolt action had been dislodged. I put it back and that startled the Elk he took off down the hill. I cow called and he stopped at the bottom. I took a 250 yard shot and went under his chest he took off never to be seen again. Right after the fever left I realized that I had my handgun on me the whole time. What a memory.

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  1. That is one of my favorite stories. I wish I could have been there to see the whole scenario and see your reaction afterward. We have all been there before and that is what helps to make hunting so much fun. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I have a monster in front of me, now if I could just get over the buck fever!

  2. You could have had bragging rights… Taking a big bull with a hand gun… It would have been a pretty good story but ohh well.. Instead we’re hearing about seeing the but of a big bull run away from you!! Better hunting next time!!

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