I just read a fascinating article from Andrew Wible about what hunting means to him. He is a senior majoring in journalism at Penn State University, after reading this article I am pulling for him to have a great career in Journalism. We definitely need more people to take a stand like this and defend what Hunting means to them.

Read the article here; Hunting is More than Killing Animals.

We are not “barbarians”, we love the outdoors and we love the relationships that are formed while hunting. I don’t hunt to kill, as weird as that sounds, I hunt to spend time with my Dad and Brothers. That is what it is all about for me. From the practice shooting to the scouting to the actual hunt I do it because I love the company I am with. While I probably would go out hunting alone, it would not be as enjoyable without my Hunting Party.

I also loved Andrew’s comparison to buying a burger at McDonalds. I don’t think people stop and think about what they are saying when they say they don’t like hunting, yet that doesn’t stop them from eating meat.

Check out his article and support an aspiring Journalist that knows what Hunting is all about. Good luck in all you do Andrew, the Hunting Addicts are pulling for you!

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