Has the economy impacted your hunting.? Undoubtedly you’ve seen the signs of struggles on your local hunting shops and even the big guys.? There’s been some reports of Sportsmans Warehouse, a Utah based company, closing some locations and possibly changing ownership.? I’ve seen a great local archery shop close it’s doors.? My friends over at TSI Outfitters have had to close down after only just over two years. ? So is hunting one of the first places we cut back on in a tight economy?

My experience and my attitude would say no.? I can rationalize a bit when it comes to buying hunting gear.? One year we were in the process of moving and so I had to get a lot of new gear, I mean I couldn’t access my hunting gear right?? Hunting addicts are like motorcycle owners or boat owners.? No matter how tight things get you have to salvage you baby!! Also what a better emergency preparedness kit than hunting gear?

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