Results of an Accident
Results of an Accident

I came across the following news story:
A young hunter from WV admitted to a hunting accident. He said he accidentally shot a 16 year old while out turkey hunting. Now what does any reasonable persond do when faced with a horrible accident? Ignore it of course, leading to the kids death. I am amazed that someone who made such a bad mistake and then compounded it by making a wore decision on how to deal with it is only looking at a 1 year sentence.
What do you think? Is this just a accident and a mistake? Or did he have an accident and then choose to kill a kid? I see it that he choose to kill the kid in the choice he made after the accident happened. If it was an accident, based off what the 22 year old did after he shot the 16 year old I have a lot of questions about the whole situation. Was this an accident or intentional?
Any way you look at it this give all hunters a bad name, it makes us look like careless idiots that shouldn’t have guns. I hope good can come from it, that someone out there can be a little more safe having heard this. That a responsible parent wont allow their kids to go out alone with such a young adult. Young kids, 22 and 16 can get careless in the woods with no one around. Some may be able to handle it but others will end up like this. I hope the family of Nicholas Caldwell is able to forgive Scott Hardlin and I hope Scott really is just stupid and didn’t have evil intentions.
Be safe so we can all enjoy the outdoors!!

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  1. Interesting story. I just wonder why he didn’t do something to help after committing the act; and if he didn’t provide help out of fear, and decided to run, then why isn’t the sentence longer? Very interesting indeed.

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