As my brothers and Dad are headed up to our favorite hunting spot today, I am left in the city waiting for my son to decide he is ready to join us. My wife’s due date was August 13th, and 2 days later still no Hunter. Our daughter, Lexi, was 3 day’s early so I thought Hunter would come early as well. While making plans for the hunt I knew it would be tricky with a new baby, but we live close to both of our parents and I figured we would have plenty of help. I had planned to leave early Saturday morning on the opener, hunt for a few hours, and be back before noon. I never even considered the fact that he could be late.

I am going to miss the opener of this year’s hunt, but I could not be happier. I am going to have a son to enjoy the outdoors with and take hunting (I would love to take my daughter hunting as well, but if she is anything like her mother she would rather get a pedicure). Missing the anticipation and excitement that comes with the opening morning of the hunt is killing me right now, but thanks to the extended season archery hunt in Utah I will be able to hunt a lot this year. My best wishes go to my hunting group, but right now I am focused on the birth of a healthy hunting addict!

I am so excited that my son will be born around the opener of the deer hunt as well. I have already thought of different ways I can celebrate his birthday with him while we are up hunting. We will have a blast… if he ever decides to show up.

My wife has a baby blog set up detailing what is going on with Hunter, check it out if you would like to follow Hunter’s progress. My wife’s Doctor will induce her on Monday if Hunter has not arrived by then.

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  1. That is too cool. I think it is definitely a fair trade to miss the hunting opener in order to welcome a new son into the world.

    I’m going to be playing this same game of roulette come October-when I’m bow hunting whitetails and trying to decide how close to the due date that I can still try to get a hunt in.:):):

    Good luck and keep us updated.

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