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I just received an email with some pictures of a moose that I had to share. This moose is huge! It would be nice to have a tag this year in Macadam, Canada so I could hunt this big boy.

I wish there was something better than just the trees to allow us to gauge how big this moose really is, it would be nice to know what his true measurements are.

I hope you all enjoy these Huge Bull Moose pics!

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  1. Moosezilla! Looks photoshopped to me.

  2. Not sure on the photo shop but looking at the path it looks like 4 wheelers have been on it. They are about 40 inches wide so I would say he’s over 6 feet tall.

  3. I think they should make that moose protected if hes that big then hes been around for a long time he deserves to live his life.

    1. I think so too.He looks like he doesn’t want to get killed or kill anyone!

  4. The Photoshop King says:

    This is DEFINITELY photoshopped.

    A nice prank we pull is to sign our artwork when we finish photoshopping it.

    Look at the moose’s right shoulder in the first picture.
    If you zoom in close enough, there is a picture of a face.

    The signature.

    It is almost guaranteed that is the face of the photoshopper.

    It’d be nice if it was real, but sorry, guys.

    It’s a FAKE

    1. you lied theres no picture

    2. It is not a fake because it is moving like a moose. Even the legs look real!

      1. I see the face, I wouldn’t say it is the right shoulder. Look right below the “hump”. Where the hump hits the back

  5. I have been known to photoshop pictures for fun and yes, this picture looks photoshopped to me, but I can’t find the face you speak of, is there a way you could post an enlarged cut out of the face for us to see 🙂

  6. shawn feener says:

    the moose is standing in the same position in both photos!!

    1. The feet are not in the same position, though it is the same step / gait captured, and the beard is moving as the animal walks. I do a lot of photoshop work for my living, and this does not looked photoshopped, at least it’s not the same image repeated; the lighting is completely different, not to mention the angle of the animal, of course.

  7. I’m a graphic designer, and use PhotoShop daily. I tell people, I can photoshop anything.
    The photos are PhotoShopped. Here’s why.

    The first picture:
    Under the chin, along the front most leg, and the part of the rump that is in front of the tree: too sharp of lines.
    Plus, the size alone? Did a much better job of saturation on this photo than the next photo.

    The second picture:
    Ok, this one is much easier?

    He?s more saturated with color than the surrounding trees. He?s very brown and very colored, and the trees have just the slightest touch of gray to them.
    He has some very sharp lines on his legs, too sharp for a real photo.
    The sun shining on his rump, back leg, stomach, front legs all would be blocked by the trees behind him.
    Plus, the biggest one of all, he casts no shadow in either photo.

    Who ever photo shopped this did a really good job, but missed some tell-tale details.

  8. Well, I’m not able to spot a photoshopped picture, but I did take a second look at these two pictures and I believe that there is at least a shadow of a doubt whether or not this is a “real” moose or if it’s actually a “stuffed” moose. If the picture is genuine and the moose false, it would definitely be quite the chore in getting it there, but there are clues in the pictures that indicate such a possibility.

    Firstly, the two pictures show a moose that is standing in the exact same pose. See especially the front left leg and the rear left leg. I suppose it could be coincidence, but I doubt it.

    Secondly, the rear right hoof in the second picture is in the exact same spot on the ground as is the front right hoof in the first picture. Seeing that the rear leg is placed down onto the ground before the front leg is lifted from the ground (clearly seen here by the left front and left rear), the two could not possibly occupy the same spot on the ground. The rear hoofs are placed behind the front hoofs.

    Thirdly, as for the beard actually “swinging”, that cannot at all be assumed or confirmed by viewing only one still snapshot. And the 1st picture only shows it from the side, so there are not enough pictures to compare with and thus confirm that motion.

    And furthermore, if was me there, I would have emptied my camera on such an awesome sight and got as many pictures as possible. But I suppose it is possible that whoever took the pictures happened to have only two pictures left in his camera, or maybe he just didn’t want any more pictures. Strange. And judging by the these two pictures, this “moose” was definitely not moving so fast as to make it impossible to get more pictures. Actually, in this case, a third picture could not be taken without obviously revealing the duplication of one fixed pose of one stuffed moose.

    “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see”. Happy hunting. SW

  9. This moose is well within the norm for size. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    On average, an adult moose stands 1.8?2.1 m (6?7 ft) high at the shoulder. Males weigh 380?720 kg (850?1580 pounds)… and females weigh 270?360 kg (600?800 pounds).

    The largest of all is the Alaskan subspecies (A. a. gigas), which can stand over 2.1 m (7 ft) at the shoulder, has a span across the antlers of 1.8 m (6 ft) and averages 634.5 kg (1,396 lbs) in males and 478 kg (1,052 lbs) in females. Typically, however, the antlers of a mature specimen are between 1.2 m (3.9 ft) and 1.5 m (4.9 ft).

    The largest confirmed size for this species was a bull shot at the Yukon River in September 1897 weighing 820 kg (1,800 lb) and was 233 cm (92 in) tall at the shoulder. The Moose of Alaska matches the extinct Irish Elk as the largest deer of all time.

  10. I use photoshop too. These pictures are real. But they aren’t shot in Macadam. This person doesn’t know where Macadam even is.

  11. I don’t use photoshop but I have seen moose in the wild having lived many years in Northern Ontario. Maybe experts can see evidence of photoshopping and that’s fine, but there would be no need to photoshop the moose to look that big because bull moose actually DO get that big and bigger. Easily. An average bull moose can stand 2.1 metres (or over six and a half feet) at the shoulder. There’s nothing to analyze here other than benign ignorance from people who doubt what they have not seen personally. The pictures were taken in Eliot Lake, Ontario. Just my two cents.

  12. This thing isn’t photo shopped, there is no need to do all that work for an animal that is naturally already that big. He has a shadow and light reflection from the sun. Just try to enjoy the photo without psycho analyzing everything about it, geesh

  13. I have lived in Maine my whole life. I live about a half hour from Rangely, and a little more than a hour from the Canadian border. I have seen many Moose. Different ages, sex, and sizes. I have never seen one this size yet. He’s like Moosesquatch! I believe absolutely that there are Moose that can and do grow to be larger than the norm. Especially around here.

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