This is a 540 class Bull Elk taken in Colorado on a Private Ranch Hunt. How much do you think this hunter paid for this huge Bull?

We want to get an idea of what Hunting Addicts think a Bull like this is worth. Please vote on how much you think the hunter paid for this Bull in the poll below. We will reveal the actual amount next week.

Check out the rack on this monster!




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  1. What its worth is going to be different for different people. To me since it was killed on a private ranch its value is what the meat is worth and the value of the cape and horns. The true value of the experience is the hunt itself which in this case doesn’t have much value.

    1. I agree with you on this Gary, it seems as though they went into a cage and picked out the bull they wanted. The true value for myself is the experience as well.

      “Ranch” hunts hurt the image of hunters and make it seem a lot easier than it really is. I would be fine with hiring an outiftter to help me out, but I could never hunt a ranch just to get a big bull.

      1. I agree with both of you on this whole thing! TO me, if you go on a ranch, and pay thousands of dollars for a bull you are not getting the full experience, and do not understand what the “thrill of the hunt”, is all about.
        I think that an outfitter, or a guide is one thing, but to do as some people do, on a said ‘Ranch’, is unneeded and uncalled for.

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