I received this email the other day and thought it was funny enough to share with all of you. I am sure it is making it’s way around the internet as we speak. I would love to hear from this taxidermist, so we can recognize his shop and give him the publicity he deserves!

A lady was telling her neighbor that she saw a man driving a pick-up truck down the interstate, and a dog was hanging onto the tail gate for dear life! She said if the pick-up truck driver hadn’t been going so fast in the other direction, she would have tried to stop him.
A few weeks later, her neighbor saw this truck at the Bass Pro Shop in Daphne, Alabama!

The pick-up truck driver is a local taxidermist with a great sense of humor!

Can you imagine how many people try and stop this guy?????

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  1. Lol.. I received this a few months back and it’s absolutely hilarious! This guy must have an interesting (and great) sense of humor!!

  2. Now that is funny! That guy cracks me up.

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