Today I’m heading up to find my Elk, We are hunting an area that we are very familiar with so it should be straight forward. This has been a tough year for Deer and Elk in general, Its been real dry and a lot of the water sources are gone. Water is key when hunting big game, its a necessity to them as it is to us. This really has changed the game for us this year. But we have been hunting these area’s for 20 plus years and we can adjust as needed. Its still a little early in the rut for Elk. They have just began sheding the velvet and have begun sizing up each other. Tonight I’m heading up to one of our Elk hunting spots to check it out. The plan is to get up there and go check out the water sources. If I find the water sources are in good shape I will set up on those. The other thing I like to do is place scent pads, They are a simple cotton strip that you can hang from trees and soak them in cow in heat. The more you can get the scent out there the more the Bull’s will start to react.

Family wise we have alot going on this weekend 3 birthdays and the opening game of BYU football. All of us wont be able to get together and hunt until Monday. Hopefully I can get the prep work done so we can tag an Elk this weekend. We will see……

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  1. Buddy of mine just got back from northern Colorado (north of Meeker) and reported the rut has yet to kick in. To hot, few to no bugling going on. Good luck, won’t be long now!

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