OK so I just spent a week up at Scout Camp teaching boys ages 12-18 how to properly use archery equipment and rifles. It was a great experience. The majority of the boys have never even shot a gun or a bow. I took my son up with me for the whole week and he took up his .22 Cricket single shot as well as his bow. He is 6 years old and I have taken him shooting before but this was the first time he got to spend an entire week shooting. I think he may have put over 600 rounds through that gun. The entire week the older boys were kept commenting on how cool it was that my son could shoot a gun and bow. Fathers get out there with your sons do not rob them of there rights to handle fire arms. I think that it is important that we teach them young how to handle a gun and how to shoot it.

Today I got an email about our gun rights USA Today is doing a poll to see if the 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms. Here is a link to the poll I encourage all to click on it and vote. http://www.usatoday.com/news/quickquestion/2007/november/popup5895.htmJordan_Laying_downDont Mess with meKneeling Position

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  1. Fathers, definitely get out there with your sons and show them the way of the bow and gun; and of course, those of you with daughters, like myself, get them out there too. We need all the young ones we can involved in the shooting sports. The time is definitely NOW!

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