With the recent Spider Bull going down the question’s about the Governors tag start to come up. I know that the money goes to state wildlife conservation and that is a good thing. I know that the money is closely watched to make sure it is used for that purpose. So in the end I think it is good for the state to auction these off. But on the flip side you have these outfitters that seem to want to do anything they can to secure the guide services for these individuals. I think as guides in this sport that you would want to teach these hunters what is involved in harvesting an animal. I also own a few companies and understand the business side that you need to market your services. Mossback has done a fabulous job in doing so. I have seen several of his videos and they are well done. Every year he finds a one of a kind bull and puts the scouting videos on his web site. From the business side if things I would say brilliant. But on the operation side there are too many unanswered questions that need to be sorted out.

So here is my thought, I think that the state should still do the Governors tag the money is needed. Mossback should keep doing the videos because it brought the state 170 k in revenue. But with that in mind I think the state should counter the Governors tag with?twenty “Down in the luck” tags. These would be available to guys that have hunted for 20 years and haven’t been able to get that hunt of a life time. Simply have guys submit a letter telling of their misfortune with credible witnesses and then award 20 tags to the guys with the worst luck and let them have their moment. (I will send the first application in)

So what do you think good solution? What are your thoughts on these tags and what can be done differently?

Let us know.

Here is another picture they are all over the internet now.

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  1. The governor’s tag in my opinion is a great program that brings a lot of conservation dollars to our states. While it would be great if us “down on our luck” hunters could get special tags, I don’t think it’ll ever happen. I live in Idaho where compared to many other states, it is relatively “easy” to draw. I’m 33 and have been putting in since I was twelve and have never drawn a tag, so I get the down on my luck thing. I don’t know what the solution is, but I would sure like it if they could figure something out. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to hunt the open archery hunts where I’ve had some great success and hope that my luck changes.

    It’s easy to be jealous of these “rich” hunters who get to pursue awesome animals every year, but if I was in their situation I’d be doing the same thing. I say Kudos to them and thank you for putting your money where your mouth is because their dollars help make hunting better for all of us “regular joes”.

  2. Not to take an easy cop out, but I just say – “Yeah, what Cory just said.”

  3. Clarence P Strub says:

    I think that the Governors Tag is an awesome thing but i don’t believe that that it should be given out to the highest bidder and that lets out almost all of us residents of this state that will never have the means to bid on this tag as those who all well to do. I believe that the governors tag should be done on a raffle drawing and that the raffle tickets should be set at a certain price and that the maxium number that a person can purchase set by the governors office and that all Washington hunters should have that chance to draw this tag. It should be for everyone and not just the rich who can bid for it. I believe that they would raise a lot more money this way and give all the hunters a chance at the Governors tag

  4. That is great idea. And I totally agree with you. If it was a raffel at $20.00 a ticket they would make a ton of money and still provide an opportunity to everyone to possibly get this tag. Great idea.

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