So the other day I was in my friends Archery shop TSI Outfitters. We live next door to each other and get out and hunt with each other from time to time. A few weeks ago he was telling me about how he had set up and digital camera on a spot that he thought would be good for elk. He set up a trophy rock close by and left the camera to do its job. I stopped in to see if he had been able to retrieve his camera and see what photos he was able to get. He pulled me into his office to show me the photos. The first few photos were of a cow moose, Then all of a sudden there was a photo of two nice size brown bears, then another of a brown bear and two cubs. The next shot was that of the Bears mouth biting at his camera, followed with 461 photos staring up at the sky with a tree limb blowing back and forth. He told me when he went to retrieve the camera it wasn’t on the tree anymore but tossed into a nearby bush. He quickly noticed all of the bear tracks as well as the teeth marks in the camera. He grabbed the camera and got out of there. The camera still works a true testament to how strong those camera’s are.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Apparently the bear didn’t take to kindly to the camera being on his turf huh? Wow, that is one heck of a story.

  2. Ha! I’m going to have to let my dad see this! He hunts an area that is infested with bears like that – he’s lost a sweatshirt, a treestand, and a seat cushion to bears. If they decide they don’t like something, they’ll just chew it right up! That’s one heckuva strong camera, though, that it didn’t get ruined!

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