This last weekend I went up to Yellowstone National Park with my wife and kids. Its a great way to get excited for the upcoming hunt as well as get in shape (Take the 328 stairs down to the lower falls and back up again with a 2 year old on?your back and you will know what I mean). God sure has blessed us with some amazing things to enjoy here on this earth. I love going into the deep woods and finding a nice log to sit on and just take it all in. There is nothing more peaceful then the sounds of nature.

This weekend we will be heading up to the hunting spots to set up some staging areas for our hunt. With three weeks to go now is the time to go up to your spots and do a little leg work. Go and clear your spots remove any sticks and dry leaves that you may step on when you don’t want to. Set up some natural blinds, or clear a spot for a tent style blind. I like to go up and level out a? 5 x 5 foot spot enough to give me an area to move around in without making any noise. I then will gather fallen tree limbs and set them up as a natural blind to sit behind. If your state allows it set the bait. I like Trophy rock it provides vital nutrients for the animals as well as antler growth for the buck you want on your wall. Another favorite is Deer Co-Caine. I like to set them up at different yardages. The first block at 20 yards and the second at 40 yards. There is a reason that archery hunters only have a 16 percent success rate. Unless you are willing to do all the work before hand to make sure everything goes perfectly it most likely will not. Whats that old saying. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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  1. I am excited to head up to the hunting spot this Saturday! The other great benefit is spending time with your hunting buddies and having a good time.

    It is important to have a plan when you are hunting in groups so that you are not invading each others space. How many times do you think a group gets to a hunting spot and just spreads out without discussing it? The problem with this approach is people will get bored and get up to find a new spot. Oftentimes they will have no idea where other hunters are and they will wander through another hunter’s area. If you have a plan and everyone knows where everyone else is hunting than your hunting buddies will not turn into your hunting nightmares. No one wants to set up and have someone walk by where they have set up, possibly scaring deer and disturbing the forest. It is important to set up a plan and let everyone know where you are hunting.

  2. Nature is definitely an awesome thing. That is the no. 1 thing I love about hunting, is the closeness to nature that I get to experience.

    I also agree with the planning part of your post. Planning goes along way to help with success!

  3. I’ve started the preparation for hunting season too. I can’t believe how fast it’s coming this year. Wow.

  4. Yessir – there is nothing like a sunrise over the Rocky Mountains with a small alpine lake glistening nearby. I’m very ready for the summer pack ins to the high mountains. It should be about time – snow has kept me out till August before, though – and we had a tough one last winter, so we’ll have to see.

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