I love this country, I love what it represents. I love the foundation laid for us by our founding fathers, and I love being free!! I don?t have a lot on my walls here in the office but other than pictures of my family and a BYU football sign my ?theme? around here is flags. I found a cool poster of a flag with the pledge around it and the national anthem in the stripes, each star has the state it represents and the date they were accepted into the union. It?s a great flag to hang on the wall but my favorite two are from a book I found while living in Europe 13 years ago. I was in a small bookstore in Denmark and came across a WWII Posters from America book. There are so many great posters from that time but I have made copies the best I could of two of them and have had them in my office since.
The first is from Pearl Harbor, I love the determination shown in the quote, ??we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain?? This quote so accurately described the attitude of the US at that time, just as I feel Daryl Worley?s song Have You Forgotten describes the US now.
Pearl Harbor
Now my all time favorite poster, well the picture speaks for itself, just read that last line with emphasis.
Flag< ?. ? AND IT IS!! Enjoy your holiday and remember all the great things you love about this country!! God bless America!! Land of the BRAVE!!

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  1. Excellent post. Those are some great posters. I agree 100% with everything you said.

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