Well I thought you might enjoy following this story.? Before I get blasted let’s get it out there.? I understand this is a farm raised, pampered deer.? I enjoy looking at and understanding the game I hunt.? I think that we can learn from farmed animals, some of what they do, how they act, and when they rut?can help us in the field on the real thing.?? Trav is more of a fan of this than I am but there’s a small local farmer that raises Elk, it’s fun to go over there and check them out.? See their antler growth in the late summer, watch them interact, just to see them fairly close is fun!!

So despite the fact that this animal is farmed, fed, watered, and protected it’s still interesting.? They have named this buck Sudden Impact.?? They have the first three weeks of pictures on the site, he’s starting to ball up.

Here’s an intro video:


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