This big boy wonders the downtown streets of Colorado Springs. ?He probably won?t get shot, but will be hit by a car.

There are two separate base antlers on each side, plus big drop on the right side.

Check him out, I love to see Freaks like this!

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  1. I believe that Travis did a great job with this submission. To bad he didn’t have someone proof read his comments. His comment about, “This big boy “wonders” the downtown streets.

    I believe he should have stated that “This big boy ‘wanders’ the downtown streets.

    1. Too bad you don’t know how to spell a three letter word.

  2. Trav’s always telling us that misspellings gets attention and more hits, he an internet marketing guy. Trav, apparently it works!! Not sure you pulled this one off intentionally but it worked 😉
    Forgive him he’s focused on hunting right now!! We’ve seen a couple big boys we’d like, one 5×5 and one 4×4 but the 4×4 it extremely tall.

  3. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.

    I think, perhaps, we should all proof what we write prior to submission. “To bad . . .” should be ‘Too bad . . .’ We all have those moments.

  4. Can’t believe I missed that, thanks Steph!! That’s just funny, caught in a typo correcting a typo..

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