We live in Utah and the archery deer tags have already sold out this year. Every year archery is gaining in popularity and the tags sell out quicker and quicker each year. They have never come close to selling out this fast though. Lucky for us our brother Jason was on the ball and reminded all of us to get our tags before they sold out. Check with your state and make sure you get your license in time to hunt this year!

It looks to be a great hunt this year and I am looking forward to it like I do every hunt. This year will be very interesting as our son is due on the 13th of August and the hunt opens on August 16. Maybe The Hunter’s Wife can give me some pointers on how to manage that whole situation! My plan is to drive up hunting early in the morning that Saturday and hunt all day, hopefully I will fill my tag and I can go and help out when I am available after that. It will be touch and go and I don’t want to upset my wife, but I also don’t want to miss the hunt. Have any of you been in this situation before? How did you handle it? One last question, how long did you sleep on the couch if you didn’t handle it well?

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  1. The last question is VERY important. I mean, if the penalty is worth serving for the pleasure of a hunting, that would be nice to know Why don’t you do some experimenting and let me know how it goes for you? 🙂

  2. I am running into this same problem. My first child, a daughter, is due on October 18th and bow hunting season starts on October 1st. I have been wondering how long I can go before I really have to start cutting back on my hunting time.

    Let me know how it works out for you. Then I can plan accordingly. Hehe.

  3. You know I’m going to have to defend the wife here. Don’t leave the house until she has that baby!

  4. Mommajake says:

    Well Travis, some things just have to be experienced first hand. You’d think you could have learned from your brother’s experience…or your Dad’s…or your Grandfather’s, but no, you had to have a hunting baby. I guess it’s appropriate since you have had your first son’s name picked out since you were 16! I’m just glad your wise wife has only agreed to ‘Hunter’, rather than your first idea of ‘Beau Hunter’. Your brother has already shared our experience of the rush down the canyon when his first son was born in an ambulance. Your Grandfather was hunting when his second son was born. If I recall the story correctly he arrived at the hospital hours later. My first hand experience was with my first daughter, and third child. Your Dad was so very excited to take his oldest son, Jason, bow hunting for the first time at the ripe old age of 5! However, I started experiencing labor pains during the night before they were going. I remember Jason crawling into our bed all excited and your Dad telling him maybe they couldn’t go hunting because I might have the new baby. Jason was crushed and spent the next hour or so ‘encouraging’ me to make up my mind and either get it over with or let them go. Finally I decided it must be false labor since I wasn’t due for two more weeks and had always had babies late prior to that. Your Dad and Jason went hunting and I was instructed to go to my parent’s house so I wouldn’t be alone. The contractions stopped, but your Dad’s guilt didn’t, and they basically turned around and came home shortly after arriving at their hunting spot. That was the beginning of a long week with false labor and multiple trips to the hospital, just to be sent home again. I promise the pains felt real and I didn’t do it to ‘ruin the hunt’. In fact, the stress of the hunt, and the possibility of your Dad not being around for the birth probably caused the false labor! I am confident you will make the right decision and stay by your wife’s side until Hunter makes his arrival and is safely at home with Grandmas nearby to help. Don’t let your brothers give you too much trouble about having a baby during the hunting season. They both have had a child during the hunt, (Jason’s had two!), and they both got married during the hunting season as well! At least your anniversary is free from hunting conflicts! By the way, I’m still hopeful Hunter will be born on the 16th of August, my birthday! But, if he doesn’t want to wait that long he could come on the 4th of August, our anniversary …. Wow! What is it about our family and having birthdays and anniversarys between August and October!!!

  5. It is great to hear from our mom on the Blog! She is the coolest, you should see the meals she would pack for us when we would go hunting.
    Mom, I would love for Hunter to share his birthday with you, but the 16th is the opener. I am hoping for the 4th and he can share your anniversary. Either way we will be celebrating Jordan and Hunter’s birthdays on the mountains for a long time.
    Thanks for the comment mom, I hope to hear more from you soon. You may have to post and share what it is like to be married to a hunting addict for all of these years. I am sure you and The Hunter’s Wife would have a blast sharing stories with each other!

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