Deer Gets Revenge on Hunter! Check out this Hunter take a beating from this deer as he waits too long to get his shot off. I would hate to box a deer!

Never let a deer get this close before you take your shot! When you set up, the first thing you should do is look at all of the shooting lanes that are available. Take note of any trees that may be in your way, or any branches that could be in your line of vision. Also look at distances and figure out how far certain objects are. I look at trees and figure if a deer is by that tree then my shot would be however many yards. When a deer is coming through it is too late to plan and you will not be ready for the opportunity. I also plan out routes that I can hike as quietly as possible if I need to move locations to get a better shot.

Check out this video, obviously this guy did not plan at all and he takes a beating for it. I am sure he will learn from his mistakes and do better next time. He will definitely feel the pain of his mistakes for awhile and that will remind him to shoot earlier!

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