We received this story from one of our favorite readers Neville B. Yazza. I love hearing from other hunting addicts about how they are raising the next generation of hunters. Neville has done a fine job with his son and I would love to have him guide me on a hunt after seeing what he helped his Dad bring down. Congratulations Neville on the successful hunt!
It was a nice Oct. morning, Bulls in the peak of a? awesome rut. We were hunting here in the Mescalero Apache Tribe Reservation. My son and I went out that morning to hunt for a nice Bull. My son is only 5 years old and he has been? Hunting with me since he was an infant. He is my guide.
My name is Neville B. Yazza and my son is Na’Kai R. Yazza. We had hunted the day before and turned down plenty of Bulls. We were looking for a real nice Bull. My son would tell me while looking at a Big Bull, “No Dad, that one is too small”.
On the morning of Oct. 10th my son and I got up on this real nice 6×7. I was gonna pass him up,? my son said to me “Shoot that one Dad, he’s big”. I said no. He again said, “Dad shoot him. He’s big”. So we set up and I took him, had to please my lil 5 yr. old guide! We shot him and he dropped.
This hunt and others in the past are so awesome to me. Our memories and our special times together we will always have as Father and Son. I teach my son all I know and there are many more years ahead of us, for teaching our youth, our children. I cherish all we share together. I have been hunting since I could carry a rifle and been guiding hunters for nearly 20 years now. I get to pass down my knowledge to my son, our future.
Thank you and sincerely,
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