I have mentioned before that my first son, Hunter, will be born this August. I just found him his new car seat for when he is old enough. My wife loves shopping almost as much as I love to hunt and she came across this car seat today on BabyAge.com. It is a classic car seat for all of you hunters out there . All of their car seat products are on sale, so pick up a new car seat for the little hunter in your life!

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  1. That’s cute. Could come in handy if you ever decide to take him hunting with you and need some place for him to sit. He’ll blend right in.

  2. That is awesome. I find out today if we are having a boy or girl. Our first kid as well. I’m showing this to the wife.

  3. Right on! We don’t have any kids yet, but when we do….!

  4. I can’t wait to get my son this car seat, hopefully the food he spills in it will blend right in like Kristine suggested! Arthur, congratulations on your child! Let us know if you are having a boy or a girl.

  5. good site and an early congrats on your new child.
    Hope you will start adding links, would like to reciprocate with you.

  6. Travis,

    Very creative wording on the post. Do they make those adult size and easy to take to my hunting spot? That looks much more comfortable than my current hunting chair. Adult size, recline option, and a cooler on the side and I would be set.

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