Ok, So this is the first year I decided to use one of the new digital motion detection cameras. As our readers know I went up last Friday to set up the camera over one of my Salt Licks. I read all the instructions and had the camera ready to go. When I was looking to place the camera Friday I had found a tree that I thought was perfect. I ended up placing the camera on the tree about 15 yards from my salt lick. I tested it by walking in front of it and it snapped a photo. Today I went to see what photos I were on the camera and swap out the memory card. As I was heading down the hill I spooked something off of my Salt Lick, I was excited. When I got down to the camera it only had 2 photos on it. I was worried that I hadn’t set it up right. So I checked it by walking in front again and it took another photo. Now I was just frustrated, I checked all around the Salt lick and it looked as if it was getting some action, and I know that I spooked something as I was coming down the hill. What I discovered was I had the camera too high it wasn’t pointing in the right direction. So I removed the camera and placed it closer to the trail about 5 yards from my salt lick. I wont make it back up there until next Thursday two days before the hunt. Hopefully its loaded with photos. Like I said this is my first year getting into the technology and I’m learning some lessons as I go. The good thing is I know the deer are in there no matter what that camera says.

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  1. Ahhh….yep, lesson learned. The camera’s are tricky to place in the right spot sometimes. Another tip is to not face them directly east or west. Sometimes the sun light can overexpose the pictures like crazy.

  2. They can be frustrating… especially when you have one on a bear bait. Bears just love to claw them, bite them, eat them etc. I’ve had to build cages around my cameras that I use on the bear baits.

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