Love getting story submissions from fellow Hunting Addicts! This one comes in from Bridger Butterfield, who happens to be my son’s best friend. Bridger has been hunting with his father and grandfather since he was old enough to walk. He is one of the best shots I have ever seen, so it is no surprise he is experiencing a lot of hunting success as a teenager. Bridger had an awesome experience on his first bear hunt!

It all started with me and my uncle. A couple of years ago my uncle and I were talking about this bear hunt down in the La Sal mountains. He was telling me to start putting in for this hunt because it would take around 20 points to draw the tag. He said he would then help me out to get the bear when I got a tag.

With only two points, two weeks before the hunt, I got a call from DWR saying that someone didn’t want their tag and that I had got his tag.

We then had to get lots of bait including, 50 gallons of grease, we had over 100 boxes of donuts and lots of marshmallows. We then headed out for the weekend to go kill a bear.

We were planning on staying Thursday through Monday. I sat in the tree stand for about 5 hours each night. Not seeing any bears.

It was the last night that I could hunt. As I was in the stand I looked down and there he was. A nice cinnamon boar. He went up to the bait and started to eat. I put him in the scope and waited for him to turn broadside. It was about 2 minutes before he finally turned broadside. I shot him right behind the shoulder. I had smoked him! He ran about 15 yards and nosedived into the ground.

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I will definitely remember it for my whole life.

– Bridger Butterfield

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