My Dad, Tim, was shooting on Friday night when one of the worst things that could happen a week before the hunt happened. He had worked so hard all summer to tune his bow and make sure it was sighted in perfect. He had just finished making a couple of final adjustments, when his bow limb snapped while shooting. Luckily his bow was under warranty and he was able to get it fixed, but he has to start the whole process over again. Last I heard they were going to have his bow ready to go today, so hopefully he can get a bunch of shots in this week!

This makes my problem with my sights falling off seem so small and uneventful! I hope everything works out for him, but this goes to show the importance of practice. It is much better for stuff like this to happen in the backyard, rather than while you are pulled back on a nice buck!

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  1. He wasn’t shooting a Bowtech was he? They just had a recall on the their “General” line of bows. Sounds like they took care of it regardless though-which is good.

    I watched a bow limb start to separate the other night right in front of my eyes. Thank god it wasn’t my bow limb, it was someone elses.

    Thankfully you’re dad didn’t get hurt. Those things can do some serious damage when they break.

  2. It wasn’t a Bowtech, good to know about the recall though. His was a Whisper Creek, The good thing is they are built right here in Utah only 20 minutes away. The Archery shop that he bought it from took good care of him and ran up there and not only got him new limbs but gave him the upgraded limbs with more sound dampening and faster speeds.

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