I was reading Arthur’s blog today, Simply Outdoors, and came across a stunning video.? The Easton team responded quickly and it ended good but the thought of a mother brown bear coming after you, getting just 8 feet away is shocking.? Just another reminder to be safe out in the woods, you never know when and, as this video shows, how fast a situation can change from quiet to deadly.

Follow this link as they have requested that this video does not get embedded:


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  1. OK, that was crazy! I have been up close with Black Bear before and I know how fast they move but that was so fast. I don’t know how that guy got that gun out and the shot off. Did you notice that it was a single action pistol? Man he is good!!

  2. That is one incredible video. I posted it on my site as well. I’m glad it ended the way that it did. Those guys were definitely quick on their feet.

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