For all you hunters looking for some great deals on hunting gear for Christmas, we have some great deals to tell you about. If you haven’t heard about Timber Hawk packs now is the time. These packs are the best in the industry. Mike at agreed to give 10% off to any of our readers for the next two months. Just call the number on the banner ad on the front page of our site. I’ve got to be honest this is my first year using a Timber Hawk pack and I love it. He has every pack you can imagine with all the attachments and pockets you will need to neatly organize your gear. From the large overnight hiking packs to the shoulder strap fanny. These packs are built tough, I personally own every major brand pack out there and these packs are great. I think the perfect set up is getting the Kill Shot for your long trips, this thing has pockets for your spotting scope, Bow and Gun holder, Hydration bladder, Walkie Talkie, and 3000 cubic inches of storage space. Then I would also pick up the Gut Hook 3.0. This is the perfect fanny pack for you one day hunts. It has ample storage to carry everything you need as well as a hydration bladder. It has shoulder straps so your hips don’t get tired. Its a fantastic pack for shorter trips. This combo will get you covered for years to come.

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