We we head out tomorrow for the opener, we’ll head to an area we know there are some good sized buck however it is a very open area, steep terrain and other hunters always seem to change the patterns of the big boys!? I just want to say that I love this time of year, I love the anticipation of opening morning.? Tag filled or not hunting is exciting!? I love the day before, getting all set up, quietly watching the hills to see what’s going to be in your spot the next morning, the final hours or practice with your bow in camp, the talk of camp, everyong asking the others if they are ready to help drag out their deer in the morning and offering to come back with them next weekend with a camera so they can get theirs!! Then the morning of, getting up before the sun, freezing your tail off as you wipe down with scent blocking wipes, gearing up for a cold morning in the shade, almost no talking as we head out to take our spots before the deer start moving.? Sitting there in silence listening to every sound, wondering how close that movement was to the others, catching glimpses of animals, and then the buck that comes through and your chance is in front of you.? I didn’t grow up in a hunting family and until I got married I had never been on a hunt but it doesn’t take long to become Addicted!! I have yet to tag a deer myself but I can’t blame it on the spot we hunt, every year I have had an opportunity, learned something that will help me for the next year, gotten a good story, but no tag on a deer.? I hope to change that trend but either way the time spent in the woods, time to reflect on life and the beauty of the forest is priceless and worth every minute I spend up there.? Hunting gets?us outdoors to enjoy the beautiful world God created, it gives us time to refocus and reflect on how blessed we are to live close enough to the great outdoors and are able to get out and enjoy it, add an element of challenge in the hunt and I’m anxious to be on the hill!!

A buddy at TSI Outfitters made a list of things you may want to make sure you have here it is:

Game bags, head lamp, extra batteries, knife sharpener, optics lense cleaner, range finder, binoculars, extra peep tubing, a back up release, extra d-loop rope, first aid, knife, GPS, two way radio, fire starter/lighter, toliet paper, wind checker, bow string wax, allen wrenches, 2 energy bars, trail marking tape, scent elimination/cover up scent, game calls, extra rope, string to tie tag on, face mask/face paint, extra socks, bear mace, bone saw, and a camera!

Good luck for those in Utah or who’s hunts start this weekend!!

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  1. Good luck when you guys head out.

    I love the anticipation of opening morning as well. I’m slightly jealous that mine is still more than a month away.

  2. Good luck guys. Here’s hoping we see some “I got a deer” stories soon.

  3. I’m jealous, but it’s my own fault that I’m not out today because it’s the opener for antelope. Won’t be able to hunt until next week.

    Good luck.

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