Gun Free zone

I don’t get how anit-gun activists don’t see this one coming.? Pot is illegal but who can readily get pot??? The pot heads and pot dealers.? Now if guns were illegal who would be able to get guns…the criminals, oh and me. haha.? Maybe we just need to publish a list of the top anti-gun activists, their address’ and their most recent large purchase…hmmmm… Is that playing fair?

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  1. I love stories about gun owners protecting their houses, and stories about gun owners protecting other civilians. Recently we had an attack at a local mall in Utah, and the shooter was picked off by an off duty police officer that had brought his concealed weapon on a date with his wife. The shooter, unfortunately, shot 6 people before he was stopped by this civilian. Police showed up and they were able to kill the shooter before he did any more damage. If this off duty police officer didn’t have the right to bare arms there would have been many more casualties. It is like you said, the shooter would still have had the gun, but no one would have been able to stop him until the cops showed up.
    Anti-Gun activists target the wrong people, they need to try and stop the selling of guns on the black market. If we lost the right to bear arms, violence would increase dramatically.

  2. Not sure if that would classify as fair or not – but it does make sense!

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