No I’m not talking about our military, even though they truly are the best. I’m talking about bow strings. I currently shoot the Bear Archery The Truth 2 Compound Bow Combo and it is a year and a half old. The original string was starting to fray so it was time to update to a new string. I just put an Americas Best string on. They are pretty cool you can choose the colors you want up to three colors. I got an orange and black string and it looks great. But not only are the colors cool it is so smooth. I didn’t think that you would be able to notice any difference in a string until I?shot it a few times. This string is quiet, while pulling the bow back you can’t hear a thing, no stretching, nothing but quiet. Anyway I wanted to throw out a plug for these strings they are great. Allen is patriotic nut and he is going to go in and outfit his Whisper Creek with a red, white and blue string. Who says you can’t make a fashion statement with your bow.

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  1. I do think that the patriotic one would be cool. I’m going to look into that in a year or so when I need a new string.

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