I am so sick of Poachers and their blatant disregard for the law. One way that I have decided to discourage others from poaching is to start a Poaching Wall of Shame. I have seen DWR Wall of Shames at every Hunting convention I have ever attended. It drives me nuts that these clown think they can Poach and get away with it. I love it when the DWR finds these dirtbags and they are punished the way they should be. We just had a case in Utah where 4 men were found with 18 trophy racks that they had poached. You can read the article by clicking here.

This is a warning to all Poachers, once you are caught we will do everything we can to make sure everybody knows who you are! You will be an embarrassment for the rest of your life and anytime someone searches your name we hope they find you on the Addicted to Hunting Wall of Shame!

Addicted to Hunting Wall of Shame:

38 yo Rex Powell of Lehi
42 yo Joseph Pantos of Highland
21 yo Chris Vance
30 yo Ryan Hoover

We will keep a running list on a new category called “Wall of Shame”. You can view how the DWR caught these dirtbags by clicking on their name, we will link them all to their 5 minutes of fame. If you know of any poachers please send us a link to the article and we will add them to the Addicted to Hunting Poaching Wall of Shame. Send any entries to info@addictedtohunting.com, let’s do our part to discourage anyone else from trying to beat the system and ruin what we all love to do legally.

Here is a video about how the DWR caught these dirtbags:

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

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  1. I think the Wall of Shame is a great idea. Poachers are poachers, not hunters, and should be treated that way. Great idea guys!

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