We had the opportunity last Saturday night to go to The Eagles concert. This was by far the best concert I have ever attended, mainly due to that fact that my brothers and I have been raised listening to the Eagles. My Dad is the biggest Eagles fan there is and he definitely raised his sons to love the Eagles as well. It was such a blast to be at the concert with my Dad, Jason, Shane and our wives.

You may think it is funny for me to be writing about the Eagles on our Hunting site, but I promise there is a connection between the two. Growing up any hunt we ever went on consisted of listening to either The Eagles, Pink Floyd or Lynyrd Skynyrd on the drive up and down. While we were backpacking into camp you could usually hear someone singing a song from one of these bands. (I just realized why we didn’t have very much success on our backpacking trips. My Dad probably scared the Elk into the next county as he tried to reach the high notes Don Henley can reach.)

On one particular trip my brother Shane and I were meeting everyone else up at the camp. We had to come up later due to work and we were trying to get up there as fast as we could to get in an evening hunt. We were driving up the dirt road to camp and we had Joe Walsh’s Greatest Hits playing in his CD player.  We really wanted to listen to Life’s Been Good to Me So Far, there is not a better song to listen to as you are driving up a dirt road headed to your favorite hunting spot. Due to the bumpy road the CD kept skipping, and we could not get through the whole song. Once it would skip and stop playing, we would start it over and try again.

By the time we got to camp we were laughing so hard and singing along as loud as we could. We didn’t make it in time for the evening hunt, but we were not disappointed at all. We had a blast that night and as Joe Walsh was playing Lifes Been Good to Me So Far, last Saturday, I couldn’t help but smile as I thought of that drive up to our favorite hunting spot.