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Utah Goat Man

Utah hunters have something else to watch out for this fall when the mountain goat hunt begins. Apparently, there is a man dressed up as a Goat living amongst a herd of mountain goats in Northern Utah. He is simply known as the Utah Goat Man. This may be the strangest...

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Danner Hunting Boots

I have worn Danner Hunting Boots for the past two hunting seasons and they are by far the most comfortable hunting boots I have ever put on my feet! They keep your feet warm, help you stalk animals without making noise and feel just like a tennis shoe. Low-lugged...

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My food poops on your food!

I really don't understand vegetarians. They are missing out on so much this life has to offer. I can't imagine eating only vegetables my whole life. Sure, I like a good salad every now and then. But even then, salad is much better with...

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PSE Madness XL Bow

Pse Bow Madness Xl Bow This bow releases arrows at velocities so high that game wont know what hit them. The Madness XL delivers IBO arrow speeds up to 340 fps, and PSE has made this popular bow even better with the improved Madness Pro single cam. It has a Posi-lock...

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Montana Canvas 10-Oz. Wall Tent

With a history and legacy as old as the country itself, the wall tent, also known as a cabin tent, has provided shelter from the most severe elements for our early pioneers, trappers, miners, and hunters. Montana Canvas new and innovative wall tent design ensures the...

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