Not only do you get a chance to show off a little bit, we will give you FREE hunting gear to do it! Please submit your story/pictures and enter for a chance to win the Addicted to Hunting contest! We are excited to announce the addition of our new forum. This will help everyone keep track of ongoing conversations about important hunting topics. Sign up for the forum and jump in on the conversation! Make sure to enter for your chance to win FREE hunting gear.

Submit your story in any of the 4 categories (Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Other), and make sure to include any pictures that you have to accompany the story. There is no limit to how many stories you can submit. All submissions must be entered by June 30, we will then review all of the submissions and announce the winner on August 1st. We will mail the prizes on August 1st, just in time for hunting season. You can submit any story that you have had during your lifetime of hunting, the only regulation is that they have to be stories about you. Don’t steal your hunting buddies story and try to win free stuff with it.

Make sure you submit your story today so you can win a FREE TimberHawk Hunting Backpack.

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