Dead Down Wind 32 oz Field Spray


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The next generation has arrived! Dead Down Wind new Evolve 3D+ features the next level of advanced enzyme technology. Eliminate an unmatched broad spectrum of odors, including human, food, contaminate, even petroleum based odors like gas. The real science behind a Big game animal’s nose will tell you it’s looking for any telltale odor that might give them an idea of who or what is in the area. That’s why we specifically formulate for a broad range of odor control, not just one type of bacteria. Evolve 3D+ is safe to use on all garment materials including carbon and technical materials. Unlike some competitors, Evolve 3D+ skin safe and formulated without antimicrobials.


  • The Next generation has arrived! new evolve 3D+ features advanced enzyme Technology to eliminate an unmatched broad Spectrum of odors
  • 3D+ broad Spectrum Technology -the most effective field spray to Control a broad range of odors, not just human perspiration
  • Enzyme based Technology, no harsh chemicals, or antimicrobial


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