Crossover 821 Telescopic Stabilizer – Black Anodized Aluminum Price: $109.99 (as of 21:55 EST- More info)

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The Crossover is a unique archery bow stabilizer being that it gives hunters and target shooters the chance to have full adjustability with regards to their stabilizer length. Within seconds, you’ll be able to have anywhere between a 8″ – 21″ stabilizer giving you the ability to make adjustments on the fly depending on the environment. The 821 archery bow stabilizer should be the most efficient hunting model that they make. 8″ is about the shortest you’ll be able to get in a stabilizer to still get the full effects but at the same time as at the same time you’ll be able to extend it out to 21″ for those long bomb shots or even 3D shoots. The true beauty about this Crossover archery bow stabilizer system is this. Let’s lay out a scenario: “It’s six in the afternoon, you’ve been tailing this deer/elk all day but haven’t been ready to get close enough to get a shot off. As you’ve been climbing through the timber you have your 821 collapsed the entire way down so you’ll be able to safely tread through the treeline but whilst you approach the end of the

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
Crossroad Archery

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