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  • ScentLok Mens Hunting Clothes – Taktix Full Season Water Repelling and Odor Adsorbing Camo Hunting Pants


    NEW AND IMPROVED: For 25 years we’ve put everything we have into creating the ultimate whitetail hunting system, today it’s here. The Full Season Taktix is our new system that strikes the perfect balance between being feature rich and action ready; equipped with our unmatched Carbon Alloy technology for maximum odor adsorption, helping you in your quest for success.
    STAY UNDETECTED: Only ScentLok as the Carbon Alloy technology that keeps you inconspicuous in the woods and fields. The TAKTIX line features this technology for maximum odor adsorption, preventing animals from smelling you. They won’t see you or catch your scent so you can take your time and get the perfect shot.
    KEEP CLEAN AND DRY: A good sportsman doesn’t let a little weather get in his way, so ScentLok designed a new technology just for you. The NeverWet feature is a super hydrophobic coating that dramatically repels water, mug, blood, and other liquids. It’s perfect for staying comfortable in the field, and even better for east clean up when you need to wash.