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  • Pure Whitetail Scent Elimination Package


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    TOTAL PACKAGE: 1 bottle Scent Elimination Spray (22 oz), 1 bottle Laundry Detergent (32 oz) and 1 bottle Hair & Body Wash (16 oz). Ensure you have the complete scent elimination package to remain invisible to a whitetail deer’s #1 defense. Don’t just cover up unwanted smells, destroy them!
    ELIMINATE ODORS: Prevent contaminating your hunting area and spooking game by destroying odors. Eliminate unwanted scents and smells of all types, including human, vehicle, fuel, food, pet, smoke and others.

  • Pure Whitetail | Bachelor Group | Whitetail Buck Urine | Fresh 100% Pure Mock Scrape Urine | Cover Scent from Multiple…


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    100% PURE AND FRESH: Pure Whitetail’s Bachelor Group Buck Urine is 100% pure and collected from multiple bucks from Pure Whitetail’s own deer herd. Collected fresh, filtered, bottled and shipped directly to you. Our scent is never frozen and is not held over from the prior season. No additives or preservatives ensures your bottle contains the freshest, strongest scent available.
    EARLY SEASON USE: Use early season in mock scrapes and on overhanging licking branches with Pure Whitetail’s flexible scent wick (Flex Wick) as an attractant and calming scent. Set up trail cameras on scrapes to inventory your herd and watch antler growth and development. Create a habit forming travel pattern while bucks are in bachelor groups and help them become familiar with the bucks you have introduced to the area. Use as a cover scent as you check trail cameras and hunt early season.