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  • LWANO 31″ Bright Color Fiberglass Arrows Youth Safety Target Arrows Practice Arrow for Recurve Bow


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    This arrow made by CUPID archery provides a safe and smooth shooting experience, adjusts the color of the arrow shaft, and is easier to find. Of course, these bright colors are also loved by all young shooters. Practice arrows perfectly, don’t miss it.
    ?Safety?:1.5 inch Outsourced bullet point make it less prone to bursting during archery.700 spine fiberglass arrowshaft,particularly suitable for beginners shooting practice.

  • LWANO 31″ Carbon Hunting Arrows Archery Target Practice Arrows with 5″ Turkey Feathers Spine 500 for Recurve Bow and Compound Bow(Pack of 12)


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    ?Stricter Requirements?The arrow shaft is made of high-quality carbon materials. It is more straight than ordinary arrows and has strong toughness. It maintains good after many practice. 3 5-inch gourd feathers, flying faster, more stable and improved Target hit rate
    ?Aerodynamic Design?The outer diameter is 7.6mm, and the arrow has been aerodynamically tested to reduce the resistance during the flight, increase the speed, and make the flight more stable and obtain higher value in hunting and practice.

  • LWANO Cupid C3-5 Archery Release aids 4-Finger Trigger Thumb Bow Release


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    Customization for beginners: CUPID is committed to improving product quality. After a long time of technical testing, we have developed a release that is more suitable for new archers. Its operation method is simple, the fault tolerance rate is higher (more solid), it is suitable for regular practice and good shooting habits, and we have greatly reduced its price, making it the best choice for new shooters
    Lightweight and sturdy: CUPID insists on using aluminum alloy as the material of the bow and arrow release, which improves the sturdiness of the release and is very light, very suitable for frequent use, which is very helpful for long-term practice