Brand: BaseLayer Mechanics

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  • BaseLayer Mechanics Men’s Fleece Lined Base Layers Long Sleeve Thermals Shirts Warm Winter


    ??HALF-ZIP: Men’s Black Camouflage Long-Sleeve Half-Zip Thermal Base Layer can be worn as underwear for a second skin or as a casual top. The product is built for cold weather activities like skiing and hiking but is also a great option for pajamas and loungewear during the cold winter months!
    ?SOFT FLEECE: This thermal top is made from fabric with two distinct sides. The outer side is smooth to the touch while the inside is brushed fleece for a soft, cozy feel.
    ?PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES: in addition to being comfortable, this fabric also performs. BREATHABLE: the knit construction allows for air flow between the wearers’ skin and fabric surface. ANTI-STATIC: finishing details inhibit the garment from static charge generation. MOISTURE ABSORBING: the interior fleece fibers wick moisture away from the wearers’ skin. HEAT GENERATING: the fleece piling uses the moisture and its thin fibers to retain warmth and generate heat.