We are Addicted to Hunting and we want to share our passion with you!winter-bow-hunt_opt

Let me introduce our hunting group so you can relate to our stories and understand the relationship that we share. To some hunting is a hobby, but to us hunting is an obsession! Addicted to Hunting was built by a family from Utah that loves to hunt.?Our group consists?of our Dad, his three sons and our two brother-in-laws (Luckily our sisters were wise and married hunters). We?always have a great story to share about our adventures.

We?decided to build AddictedToHunting.com to share our obsession with the world and allow other hunters a platform to share their experiences as well. Feel free to?comment on our stories with your experiences. If you would like a bigger platform, than just a simple comment, to share your story you can email?us at stories@addictedtohunting.com and we will add it to the website. Together?we can help others become Addicted to Hunting as well!

I am Travis and I am the technology nerd that built and maintains this website (Pictured on the left). My older brother, Jason, and I are the main contributors to AddictedtoHunting.com. Here is a picture of Jason and I?freezing our butts off during an early September snow storm during?a Utah Elk hunt. We love to hunt, but mainly we just have a lot of fun!

We hope you enjoy our stories and can see how much we love hunting.?We are t

Share your stories with other Hunting Addicts by emailing them to stories@addictedtohunting.com.?

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