There has been a lot of talk about a bull that was caught on video by a couple of hunters in Utah.  All the pictures and video’s are from before the archery opener.

There are some big outfitters that are going after this bull, well a friend of mine is able to go after this bull too.  Kody is a 18 year old hunter that has had some good success hunting getting a limited entry youth tag a few years ago that got him a 6×7 bull.  He’s been able to hunt in several states and is still just 18.  Well he drew out this year for a very hard to get limited entry area in Utah, the one that just happens to be the area this spider bull elk is at.  There is a lot of people after this bull, one of which is a guy that doesn’t have a good rep down in this southern Utah town.  This fact is looking to play to his advantage, he now has several locals trying to help him get this bull and keep the guy with a reputation of shady hunting away from “Spidey”.   His hunt opens this week, with permission to hunt some private land where the bull is known to hang out, locals helping keep track of the bull, and his past success I’d put my money on him.    It sounds like as of last weekend the bull is alive and well,like the perfect storm things are falling in place for this to be the perfect hunt!

Enjoy this video of the infamous spider bull!

Update 9/30/2008:

Team Mossback just broke the news that the spider bull has been taken by Denny Austad.  Rumor is that it was on a governors tag two days ago.

Congrats to team Mossback, they were the ones to first spot this amazing bull elk and they were able to lead Denny in to take this monster of a bull!!

Update 10/1/2008:

I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on the spider bull. I gotta be honest I was pulling for a hunter that was lucky enough to draw out and had the hunt of his life. Nothing against Mossback they did a fantastic job bringing this bull into the spot light and keeping tabs on it until they could get a shooter on it.

This bull was taken on a governor’s tag. Most states have these they are auctioned off and big outfits will pick them up for large amounts of cash. If you do your job right you then scout out a nice bull make a video and market the hell out of it. If you do your job you will get a nice client that has lots of money looking to purchase their next big hunt. This is what happened with the spider bull. I think it’s great that Denny took this bull, if you watch the Mossback site he takes a record size bull or buck with Mossback every year.

The money raised in the governor’s tag auction goes to wildlife resources. Here is my question. There are a lot of huge animals that are taken every year in states all over with a governor’s tag. But 90% of the hunters that are dedicated and addicted to hunting in that state will never afford that opportunity. Is the governor’s tag worth it? Are you addicted to hunting when you buy your animal? Are guides going to far to provide the next best animal? give us your comments.

Update 10/1/2008:

It seems like that truck parking in front of the local Honda dealer got a lot of attention.  Here are a few pictures sent to us by a reader, thanks for the pictures, this is one amazing bull that we all want to see more of!

Update 10/3/2008:

I emailed Doyle Moss a little bit earlier today because of all of the controversy surrounding the Spider Bull. I have heard all of the comments about his guides blocking roads, herding the bull and slashing hunter’s tires. I had not heard Doyle’s side of the story, and so I began my search for the truth in the comment section on this post. Instead of looking at different opinions and articles, I went straight to the source. Within a couple of hours after receiving my email, Doyle Moss gave me a call.

I am very objective in everything I do. If I hear something, I am not one to believe it until I hear the whole story. I could not believe some of the stories surrounding this bull, they were so far fetched that I knew something was missing. I wanted to find the truth surrounding the Spider Bull!

My search for the truth began as I read more about what others were saying about Doyle, and his company Mossback Guides and Outfitters. As I read the comments about him I noticed a common theme. Everyone that has met Doyle Moss in person thinks he is a great guy. While I have not met him in person, after talking to him I would have to agree. He answered all of my questions, and I could sense the passion that he has for hunting. I could not believe that he would take the time out of his busy day to call me. That alone lets me know what kind of a guy he is. He is not afraid to stand up when the heat is on and face adversity. I respect men like that, and I applaud him for discussing what happened with me.

We are currently working on putting together a piece to share Doyle’s perspective, it should be ready sometime next week.

Thank you for the time Doyle, good luck on your next hunt!

Update 10/23/2008:

I still have not heard anything from Doyle Moss, not that I blame him as I am sure this time of year is absolutely crazy for outfitters. A couple of days ago RealTree sent out a newsletter to all of their subscribers, and we were the featured blog for the article. We have been trying our hardest to provide updates on the Spider Bull, and hopefully Doyle Moss will be able to answer some of the questions we have presented to him. You can read the RealTree newsletter here.

Here are the questions we asked Doyle Moss to answer:

  1. The first point that has come up is that your guides trapped the bull and watched every movement it made. Many people are saying the Spider Bull was guided far away from other hunters and basically kept within 20 of your guides at all time. They have gone on to say that this bull was under your guides supervision for a month.
  2. The next point is that the roads were blocked off from other hunters, so they could not access the mountain where your guides were “keeping” the Spider Bull. Many of these hunters have said that they had to use winches to remove your guides trucks from the road. Then when they got back from hunting all of their tires were slashed. I always respond to this one “did you call the authorities?” and no one has said they did, which indicates to me that they are making up this story.
  3. Last, but not least I would love to hear from your guy’s what sort of testing took place to see if this was a farm bull. You mentioned in our call that DWR was up there when you took the bull off the mountain. The biggest question is how did this bull go from a 350 bull to a 500 bull? A lot of people have speculated that steroids were used to obtain that much growth.

I do understand that Doyle is busy right now, and I don’t want to take time away from the business he is trying to run. While we are awaiting his response I would love to hear from our readers what their response would be to these questions. This bull has sparked all sorts of controversy, and we would like to know why you feel as though Doyle cheated other hunter’s out of this bull. Doyle has found a way to make money doing something that all of us love, and I believe this has caused a little jealousy among hunters and that is why these rumors are being circulated. Let me know if I am way off on this assumption. We would love to hear all of your comments concerning the Spider Bull.

Update 10/4/2008:

Click here to view possible early pictures of the Spider Bull!

Update 01/06/2009:

Congratulations to Doyle Moss and Denny Austed for Harvesting the New World Record Non-Typical Bull. This bull has been on the minds of hunter’s since it was first spotted last Spring. It has caused several controversial conversations in hunting circles and I doubt this announcement will help that at all. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks. Some people will probably feel that this bull does not deserve to be the World Record Holder. Some Hunters think it is a farm raised bull. I have heard hunters that say this bull should have never been harvested so it could pass on it’s “seed” (With a bull like that I guarantee his “seed” is in cows all over that mountain). Other hunters can’t separate the hunter from the bull and therefore hate the bull. This is your last chance to sound off on the Spider Bull before we find the controversial bull for 2009.

Personally, I am fascinated by the Spider Bull. What a magnificent animal! I have heard comments from people that love Doyle Moss and I have heard comments from people that hate Doyle Moss. I have talked to him and I think he is just like the rest of us, a true Hunting Addict. I hope someday he can guide me on a world record Bull Elk hunt of my own. Then I could sit back and read comments from people that have never met me, but hate me anyway because I shot an Elk they could only dream of shooting.

Leave a comment and let us know how you feel about the new World Record Non-Typical Bull Elk.